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ATM Sales

Our years of experience will help us guide you to the best ATM for your needs.  We work with all major manufacturers including Gen Mega, Hyosung, Triton and more.


We can assist you with your merchant account needs, and help you stay current with the newest standard requirements, we are here for you.


From paper to signage, you just need to contact us and we will supply everything you need to keep your ATM machine working at its best.

Parts and Repair

Our experiened technicians are available to assist you with parts, mechanical issues, connectivity, and more.

Big enough to handle the job… yet small enough to care.

The ATM Store has been an established company in the Reno, NV area since 1996. 

We are an ATM placement and management company offering free full-service ATM placements and ATM sales with processing. We install, manage and service ATMs at hotels, airports, shopping malls, convention centers, corporations and many other places.

We partner with local ATM technicians, installers and cash-loaders to service ATM needs in every metropolitan area nationwide. The ATM Store can offer our merchants more flexibility.  Bottom line, it’s YOUR choice.

Let Us Help You Find the Right Solution for Your Business

Our merchants can own their machine and we can load the cash; we can provide the machine and the merchant can load the cash, or we can both own the machine and load the cash. A merchant often has his hands full with other responsibilities and welcomes the stress free way of offering the service without the hassle.  We keep it simple and make it easy.

Full-Service Free Placement

We’ll put one of our ATMs in your location for free, take care of everything, and pay you for it. The full-service ATM placement is a completely hands-off, hassle-free program with no financial commitment, making it our most popular service option.

Merchant-Loaded Partnership

If you provide and load the cash in the ATM, then we will buy and manage the ATM and split the surcharge revenue with you 50/50. Our merchant-loaded ATM partnership is a minimal hands-on program with no financial commitment.

Purchase with Processing

If you buy an ATM from us and load the cash, we’ll do the transaction processing and you can keep 100% of the surcharge revenue. No contracts required. Wholesale pricing is available to our processing customers.

The ATM that’s Right For You

Whether you need a lobby or wall mounted unit, we can provide the best ATM to serve your needs.  We work with Gen Maga, Hantle, Nautilus Hyosung, Triton and other manufacturers. 


Your potential customers will no longer have to stop at your competitors to get cash (and spend it there).


Reduce or eliminate the credit card fees you are paying by directing your customers to the ATM.


More security for you, your employees and customers by providing less risk of robbery and employee theft.


Your customer makes electronic deposits directly into your bank account, which saves you both time and work.

Supplies, Signage and Parts

From paper supplies, banners and decals to inside and outside signage, we have what you need to keep your ATM visible. We also provide manufacturer’s replacement parts to keep your ATM  working smoothly. 


Purchase all of your ATM paper and supplies at low prices here at The ATM Store. We have products available for all major manufacturers.


We offer a large selection of ATM signage. Purchase ATM banners, decals, signs, and many more pieces to help keep your machine visible.


You’ll find a huge selection of parts from top manufacturers all at low prices. With brands such as Tranax, Hyosung, Triton,  and more, we have what you need to get your ATM up and running.

Our certified technicians are ready to assist you with set up, maintenance and repair as needed.

Luckily, ATM machines are generally very reliable. In fact, when trying to list out the most common ATM repairs, most of the items that came to mind fell under the category of maintenance and not necessarily true repairs due to failures. Of course, like any machine, a breakdown can and will eventually happen but with proper maintenance, costly ATM repairs can usually be avoided.

Keep in mind that there are 2 types of maintenance: proactive and reactive. In reactive maintenance, people tend to feel as if a repair is needed because a part on the ATM isn’t functioning. When in actuality, the faulty item probably just ran the course of its life cycle and needed to be replaced.

Wireless Connectivity

 Due to their reliability, ease of use and low cost, wireless transactions have boomed in popularity over the last several years.  We offer DPL’s Hercules Plus which is trusted as one of the most reliable and compatible wireless units out there. The modem uses a cellular connection that is converted from dial-up and IP (Ethernet). With DPLs Remote Restart feature you can remotely reboot or power cycle your ATM, wireless device, or both. Troubleshoot your wireless device through your online web portal. Identify terminal IDs remotely, see the wireless device signal strength, and review ATM communications. Ask us for a quote!

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